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Aug 10, 2023

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Think walking isn’t a tough workout? Matt Nolan, chief curriculum lead and instructor at Barry’s in New York City, begs to differ. In fact, he encourages those who don't enjoy running to come to a class and walk the running portions -and get just as good of a workout.

To get a taste of what to expect from a HIIT walk, he put together this sample treadmill walking workout that will get your heart pumping.

“This is something you can do at any Barry’s class with me," he says of his interval walking routine. "Remember if you’re not a runner yet, you can do the whole class walking.”

You can also take it off the treadmill: “If you’re outside and you don’t have incline, I just want you to go faster," he says. Whenever the workout calls for a change in incline, simply play with your speed to dial up or down the intensity.

This quick 10-minute routine is a great add-on to a strength workout or as an efficient way to pack in some more steps, Nolan says.

Nolan shared some of his top tips for getting the most out of your walks:

Brianna Steinhilber is an editor and writer on TODAY Health, Food, TMRW and NBC News BETTER.

10-minute interval treadmill walking workout0-1:00: 1:00-2:00: 2:00-3:00:3:00-4:004:00-4:30:4:30-5:00: 5:00-6:006:00-6:45:6:45-7:307:30-8:15: 8:15-9:00:9:00-10:00:Tips to get the most out of your walkGo at your own pace. Hydrate.Wear the right shoes.Be mindful of formPlay with speed.Buddy up.