We find out if this 3D motion treadmill is the future of fitness
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We find out if this 3D motion treadmill is the future of fitness

Aug 26, 2023

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This unpredictable 3D motion treadmill makes indoor runs feel like real-world miles. Lace up for the future of fitness.

The problem with bashing out miles on a treadmill isn’t just the tedium of staring at a gym wall. Hamstering away on the belt changes your running biomechanics. So, even though it works your cardio engine, when it comes to technique, form, muscle usage, brain activity and good old fatigue, tread miles aren’t the same as running in the great outdoors.

The Reax Run is here to change that. The world’s first and only 3D motion treadmill, it tilts, leans and shifts on its axis to create continuous and unpredictable changes in the angle of the belt. The result is a more challenging run experience that mimics the experience of tapping out miles over uneven roads and trails.

The higher proprioceptive activation works your brain and body, unlocking a range of benefits including higher energy burn, improved balance and a tougher workout for your muscles. Oh, and the Reax is faster too, with a top speed of 15.5mph, compared to most motorised gym 'mills 10-12mph. Is this the future of bootcamp cardio? MH runs the numbers.

Reax’s suite of training programmes include HIIT and Fartlek, with targets for calorie burn, distance, heart rate and pace, and even outdoor run/walk simulations for hiking and trail. You can also choose predictable and unpredictable modes to switch up the challenge.

The Reax packs a large integrated touchscreen but it can also be controlled via partner iOS and Android apps.

The maximum side to side (or lateral) range of tilt. With a frontal tilt range of +/- 11% – pretty steep.

Imitating nature isn't easy. There’s a trio of patents protecting ReaxRun’s unique treadmill tech.

Studies show that running on uneven surfaces can increase your energy burn by 5%. It also activates more leg muscles than trotting on smooth terrain.

One of the great things about treadmills is that they're accessible. Even if you don't have the means to pick up a futuristic running machine like the Reax Run, any gym worth its salt will have at least a handful in their cardio section. All you need is a gym membership, some gym wear, a half decent pair of trainers and you're good to go.

With all that said, as with any form of exercise, investing in good quality kit will help to optimise your workouts. Check out these four treadmill accessories for making the most out of your indoor runs.

Treadmill or no treadmill, if you want to log your runs, you're going to need some sort of fitness tracker, and there are few better than the Apple Watch Series 8. With stacks of lifestyle and exercise features, such as countless workout modes, GPS and cellular connectivity, ECG and blood oxygen monitors, it's as capable as an everyday smartwatch as it is for tracking your health metrics. If you're not a fan of Apple, check out our complete guide to the best fitness trackers, all of which have been meticulously tried and tested by our team of experts.

If you're into running, you may have heard about heart rate zones. Essentially a form of training, it requires you to run within a set heart rate zone for a specific amount of time. To do this effectively on a treadmill, it's worth investing in a heart rate monitor. This one from Polar is not only trusted by medical researchers and sports pros because of its accuracy, but it also connects to compatible gym equipment, meaning you can see your heart rate live on the treadmill screen as you run.

When it comes to running shoes, everyone has their own preference. But if you're looking for a shoe specifically suited to treadmill running, opt for something lightweight, breathable, and cushioned. Don't worry too much about robustness, as you obviously won't have to contend with the same obstacles you would on the road or trail. The Brooks Ghost 15 ticks all the above boxes, providing a soft feel, smooth ride, and great stability.

Sure, a towel isn't as exciting as the other three treadmill essentials, but it's arguably the most important. Unlike when you run outside, the sweat you perspire as you run on a treadmill stays with you: on the belt, the handles, the screen, the buttons – it gets pretty much everywhere. Which is why a small gym towel like this from Lululemon is worth slinging in your gym bag. This one is made from an absorbent microfibre and is great for sweaty treadmill sessions, HIIT classes or a post-gym shower.

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