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GYMPROLUXE review UK: We tried the viral home gym set

Aug 19, 2023

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Bonus: You can currently save over £100 on the viral home workout equipment

Home workouts were all the rage during lockdown, and are once again gaining popularity. The current cost of living crisis has resulted in gym memberships becoming an unaffordable luxury for many, leading to a renewed interest in economical home exercise equipment.

With all the home workout equipment and programs available, it's hard to cut through the noise and figure out which ones will help you increase your fitness, and which ones will collect dust stowed under your bed.

We decided to try out a set we kept seeing pop up on TikTok, the GYMPROLUXE All-in-One Portable Gym.

I live in London, so this bit of arithmetic might not be applicable nationwide, but my basic PureGym membership sets me back £47 a month. With a GYMPROLUXE All-in-One Portable Gym currently costing £195.95, that means it would take four months to recoup what I've been spending on my gym membership, not including any transport savings on not having to commute.

But can a home workout set really be as impactful as the equipment you'd find at a gym? Let's start out by investigating what the GYMPROLUXE set comes with.

The comprehensive workout kit comes with 12 pieces of equipment, including:

Seeing all the bands and other pieces of kit together in the box looks a bit confusing, but once I followed a couple of tutorial videos on how to set it up I got the hang of it quite quickly.

When I used the set, I would set up in my bedroom or lounge room and pick a guided workout from the brand's YouTube channel to follow. My personal favourites are the lower body workout and the back and chest workout.

When you buy a kit you also gain access to the GYMPROLUXE community, which contains over 150 top-notch workouts you can follow which means things will never get boring.

As the set is lightweight (the entire kit weighs four kilos) it's perfect for bringing with you on holidays where you don't have access to a gym.

I went away for a couple of weeks over summer and knew I wouldn't have access to any equipment, so I brought the handles and a couple of bands so I could fit in a few workouts. I had checked luggage, and the equipment only weighed a couple of kilos and didn't take up a large amount of my suitcase.

Just like any exercise program or piece of equipment, you'll have to be consistent in order to see results.

That being said, if you are looking for a way to either up the ante on your home workouts or you're a beginner not sure where to start, the GYMPROLUXE equipment would be a great investment for your fitness.

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